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The Biyani Group of Colleges is led by young, dynamic and result-oriented team of highly qualified Teachers and Researchers, whose main aim is to meet the challenges of the growing civilized world through education. It intends to develop young men and women who possess knowledge and confidence to adjust with the frequent changes in the world, without losing traces of our traditions, humanity, spirituality and purpose of existence.


Biyani Group of Colleges

The main objective of Biyani Group of Colleges is to help the students find the real self that lies dormant for long time due to the lack of proper attention and undue societal pressure. We believe that each student is God’s gift of beauty to the world and needs to blossom in due time. But if proper care is not taken the flower is crushed and the beauty gets ruined. Our sole purpose is to make them understand their inner beauty through self-realisation.

We believe that only education can bring the divine perfection in human beings. Unfortunately, quality education in India has become a privilege of those few who are born with a silver spoon. So it becomes very important to create classrooms that would be useful and accessible to all; in other words, classrooms that would cater the needs of all without compromising with the quality.

Only technology would allow us to fulfil this dream and fortunately, we are living in the world of inventions .We live in a digitalised technological era that has changed the world into a small global village. The very coffee machine that helps us to sway off the sleep to our modern day laptops some or the other way is the gift of modern science and technology. Modern science and technology has subtly crept into our lives in an unavoidable fashion, staying away from it may be foolish and dangerous.

Therefore, in Biyani, we decided to use technology in Education to reduce the gap between the less privileged and the privileged ones. One of the means of achieving this objective is by writing blogs. Today internet is accessible to all .A person from any part of the world can be benefitted by the things that are posted on the net.


1. Creation of virtual classrooms: Due to the accessibility of the millions of people virtual classrooms have become a reality today. Writing blogs helps in the creation of classroom that is practically useful for the students. Availability of the condensed material and proper search engine facilitates the students to get the appropriate material. In today’s technological world, virtual classrooms are occupying an important place. The blogs, along with fulfilling the objective of knowledge, also remove the limitation of time and space in interacting with people, and hence are useful for all.

2. Creation of virtual teachers: Someone has said “it is better to listen to a man of knowledge than to read twenty different books on that subject”, which is almost impossible in this fast moving world. Writing blogs can solve the purpose. In Biyani group of Colleges, we have a team of experts totally committed to writing blogs. Such expert knowledge on different topics can specifically solve the purpose.

3. Expert Knowledge: Blogs on the website also provide vast knowledge and that too expert knowledge. Each teacher spends a lot of time to read and research for a specific blog. Therefore the blogs are of high quality and the content is useful for further research and dissertation.

4. Platform of Expertise: Reading others’ blogs helps to come across different opinions on important topics. This diversified knowledge would help students to have a broader perspective about a certain subject.

5. Adaptability with the Modern World: Blogs help us to move along with the modern world. It keeps us accustomed with the modern trends.

At present, we provide notes for subjects of the following streams:-

  • Arts
  • Commerce
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Management
  • Mass Communication
  • Maths
  • Science

:–Our Group includes the following Colleges:-

1- Biyani Girls College (BGC)
2- Biyani Institute of Science & Management (BISMA)
3- Biyani International Institute of Engineering & Technology(BIIET)
4- Biyani School of Nursing & Para-medical Science(BSNPS)
5- Biyani Girls B.Ed. College (BGBC) 6- Biyani College of Science & Management(Co-Ed)

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