Today there are about 6,000 languages in the world, and half of the world’s population speaks only 10th of them. English is the particular most prevailing of these 10. British colonialism initiate the Extend of English across the globe; it has been spoken nearly everywhere and has become even more ubiquitous since World War II, with the global achieve of AMERICAN POWER. English has rented words from over 350 other languages, and over three-quarters of the English dictionary is actually Classical or Romance in derivation plainly, the vision that to scrounge words leads to a language’s decline is strange, given that English has borrowed more words than most.
Astonishingly few people have ever through contributions to world literature in more than one language. Beckett and Nabokov may be the only two prominent examples. Conrad, who is every now and then mentioned in this connection, is a counterfeit illustration in a conspicuous regard: he never wrote in his indigenous Polish. Quite evidently, emigrant authors generally prolong to write in their native language even after living for decades away from home. This holds not only for poets, such as Mickiewicz and Milosz, which may not be unanticipated, but also for novelists. Mann went on composing in German during a long spell in the US. The list of authors who have emblazoned their names in the history of literature in more than one language since the start of time is astoundingly petite.

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