How to Anchor an International Conference/Symposium(Part-2)

Anchor: We are grateful to all who have accepted our invitation to be the part of this elite event.
It is a favorable time to discuss problems of XXXXXXwith delegates from all over the world.
Saraswati Vandana:
It’s our holy tradition to worship our goddess saraswati before any important event … let’s dedicate a prayers to maa saraswati for that I would like to invite……………
Anchor:The XXXXXXXX issues that in fact concern the entire World has got catapulted on to the centre stage due to their essential importance. The entire World community cutting across the barriers of caste, colour,creed are now beginning to sit together with a view to finding lasting solutions of the problems faced by the World today through serious actions aimed at implementing innovative methods and technology.
Introduction of Chief Guest:
Anchor:I feel privileged to have such a distinguished chief guest Mr. XXXXX among us. Mr. XXXXX needs no introduction having spent valuable years in ……..
I may be permitted to give a brief introduction about his accomplishments, academic attainments and his chosen field..
Mr. XXXXX was born in…
Call for addressing by the chief guest:
Ladies and Gentlemen, we rarely get this kind of an opportunity to listen to the words of great personality like Mr. XXXXX , So let us have the Privilege of listening to him. It is my honour now to invite the Honourable Mr. XXXXX to address us…..

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